No. 9315

'Ad Unum Omnes'

Parachute Regiment Lodge 

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To WBro's Don Tidiman & Steve Petty who have been honoured with Grand Rank. More details are on the 'News' page. 


In the last four years, the Lodge has been honoured with one Grand Rank, four Active Ranks and one London Rank. The future is looking good for the Lodge!  

See the 'News' page for more details. 

To Bro. John Simons who has just been honoured with London Rank (LR). More details are on the 'News' page. 

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Our Lodge meets at 10:30h on the first Saturday in:


June (Installation)



At Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen  Street,  London WC2B 5AZ



The Lodge was formed more than 25 years ago by a number of ex-members of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces, and also members of other Masonic Lodges.

Our Lodge does not exclusively seek to recruit serving and ex-Para's and ex-Airborne Forces, therefore in the spirit of Freemasonry we are proud to accept applicants from anyone related to ex-Para's or Airborne Forces, and also from anyone who is interested in supporting the Regiment through Freemasonry.

All Battalions of the Regiment and Attached Arms are represented within the Lodge. Joining Members are also most welcome.