The founding of this Lodge was primarily the dream of an ex-member of the Parachute Regiment, the late WBro. Les Petty LGR; but like Freemasonry in general, whose branches are spread over the four quarters of the globe and whose membership are drawn from many different professions and occupations, the Founder members were also drawn from diverse walks of life.

At a meeting of the Founders on 29th March 1988, it was the original intention to have the title "The Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces Lodge", to encircle the camaraderie of the Airborne Forces in general. This being deemed too long a name by Grand Lodge, a compromise was suggested that the name of the Lodge should be 'The Parachute Regiment Lodge' and to use the Airborne Forces motto "Ad Unum Omnes", not the Parachute Regiment's motto "Utrinque Paratus".

This proved acceptable and the Lodge was consecrated on the 5th June 1989. One of the Lodge's honorary members was the founder of the Regiment, the late RWBro. Brigadier E.W.C. Flavell, who always followed the progress of the Lodge with a keen interest.

The inspiration for the Banner came from another Founder member, the late WBro. Henry Carr. It incorporates the Masonic emblem, the Parachute Regiment battle honours, and the names of the Founders. The Banner was dedicated 4 years later on the 4th September 1993 and is borne proudly in procession into and out of the Lodge at the beginning and closing of every Meeting.

It should be noted that the Banner and also the Lodge Summons, not only bears the Parachute Regiment badge but displays the Latin motto of the Airborne Forces, thereby neatly encompassing both into a Masonic emblem and also complying with the two wishes of the Founders.

As Freemasonry has evolved over the centuries, so the Lodge, although comparatively young, has and will evolve.

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Parachute Regiment Lodge 

'Ad Unum Omnes'