A New Worshipful Master!

On 03 June 2017, WBro Jim Bush was installed in the Chair of King Solomon.

Amongst the 70+ present (who included several former Regiment colleagues of the WM), were an Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master and three Metropolitan Grand InspectorsNamely, VW Bro Philip Summers PGSwdB AMetGM, WBro Stratton Richey PSGD MetGInsp (our Lodge Inspector), WBro Chris Burgess PSGD MetGInsp, WBro Gus Machado PSGD MetGInsp plus a number of Grand Officers.

The actual Ceremony of Installation was very ably carried out by the Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master with a number of Lodge Brethren assisting throughout.   (See pics in Gallery page)


'Ad Unum Omnes'

Lodge Inspector

We are very honoured to have as the Parachute Regiment Lodge's Metropolitan Inspector, WBro Stratton Richey PSGD, MetGInsp.

It is always a privilege to see WBro Stratton regularly at our Meetings, and for him to be so actively involved in the Lodge, and not least being regaled with his humorous aviation anecdotes at our Festive Boards. It's always a pleasure to see you WBro Stratton!

Four new Honorary Members!

Early in 2017, the Lodge voted to admit four Honorary Members: VWBro Philip Summers PGSwdB, AMetGM; VWBro David Wilkinson PGSwdB, AMetGM; WBro Chris Burgess PSGD, MetGInsp; and WBro Gus Machado PSGD, MetGInsp. A very warm welcome to our Lodge, Brethren.

Quintuple Raising

At an Emergency Meeting on 19 July 2017 at Freemason' Hall, five members of the Lodge were Raised in a single Ceremony. Congratulations go to Bro's Jamie Flynn, Steve Flynn (no relation!), Darren Grief, Harry Hickey and Robby Keeble.

And a special well done to WBro Pete Digby (Lodge DC) and all the participating Officers for their Ritual and Floor-work, who pulled off the Ceremony extremely successfully!   (See pic in Gallery page)

Metropolitan Grand Lodge Summer Party - 08 July 2017

A thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable day was had by total of 20 Lodge members and their wives/partners who attended the above along with the MetGM, which was held in the beautiful surroundings of Queensmere, Finchampstead.

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UGLE Tercentenary Open Day - 24 June 2017

The Lodge was asked to supply a stand at the above which was held at FMH. The Assistant Curator of the Air Assault Museum at Duxford, Wendy George, very kindly helped out by providing a considerable amount of Airborne militaria and uniforms for the stand which was also manned by our Worshipful Master WBro Jim Bush and Bro Danny Rampling. Thank you Wendy!   (See pics in Gallery page)

Parachute Regiment Lodge 

Quadruple Passing

At our Regular Meeting on 02 September 2017 at Freemason' Hall, three members were Passed in one Ceremony. Congratulations go to Bro's Jordan Campbell, Mick Gaffney and Andy Blair on being made Fellowcrafts. 

Also attending the Meeting was one of our new Honorary Members, VWBro David Wilkinson PGSwdB, AMetGM who commented in a letter to the Secretary, what an enjoyable Meeting it was with excellent Ritual. Well done all!